Sunday, August 14, 2005


I want, I want, being pregnant

I just saw that Tori Amos'

I've only ever seen five concerts (three were the Cure, and then two were dates while I was 18 or 19 - UB40 and Elvis Costello - neither of which I was familiar with enough to enjoy more than one or two songs). But I would love to see both Tori and Dave Matthews perform live and in person before I die.

The problem is that I never have anyone to go with. I've always been okay with going to movies alone on my pregnancy, and dining alone, and travelling alone, but it physically hurts to go to a live concert and absorb the amazing music through every sense with no one to share it with, to talk to about it. I made X2B go with me to a Cure concert (I was 7 months pregnant) and he complained so much about having to stand because everyone else was standing, and the talking, and the smoking, and the singing, and the price of parking and the price of refreshments, that when it was over, I agreed we would never go to another concert. If my brother hadn't died, he probably would have gone with me; he had similar music tastes as I do (although I couldn't get him to go see Morrissey with me on one of his rare U.S. concert appearances).

Tori will be playing in Washington, DC and Philadelphia, both close enough to me to get to without an overnight stay, in early April. I ache to see her but I know I won't, because the ache of seeing her alone will be even greater, and $42.00 for a ticket is two weeks of spending money for me and id have to do about 10 psychic readings, and its too much while pregnant.

I just hope that she and Dave will keep recording and performing, and maybe someday I'll meet someone who will want to go with me and the baby, and I'll be able to better afford it and be through with the pregnancy!

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